Admin Console Redesign

In 2016, I led a redesign effort for Dropbox Business's primary surface Admin Console, which launched as a piece of Dropbox's 2016 redesign. It included a new IA, patterns, components, and platform approach.

Admin Console (2015)

This is what Admin Console was before we began work on it. At this point, product teams had been building features and pages into the surface for years. However, there was very little guidance for users. This ultimataely led to quite a bit of churn.

Admin Console - Settings (2016)

As a part of the new IA, we introduced a new way to view all settings in a single page. Each setting has a brief summary of what that feature does so that users, espcially during their first 30 days, can see the high-level value of Dropbox Business.

Admin Console - Feature (2016)

A feature page is the new standard template for product teams to follow. This ensures that similiar settings are grouped with other similiar settings and allows users to see all the settings for one particular group of functionality together.

Admin Console - Feature onboarding (2016)

One of the challenges Dropbox faces with new users is education. Many users have no IT experience or no cloud management experience, so the onboarding experience needed a way where we can politely help users understand features.

Admin Console - Setting block (2016)

All settings inside of Admin Console are made from this standard block. They're designed to have all information about the setting on the left and all interactions on the right, so that users can effeciently move through settings.

Admin Console - Block controls (2016)

This is the entire set of controls that can be added to blocks.

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